July 21, 2013

Huge comics movie news

Via Screenrant, the biggest news (for me, at least) out of Comic-Con this year is the title of 2015's Avengers sequel: The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Why? Well, frankly, many (most?) consider the evil robot to be Earth's Mightiest's greatest enemy of all-time. He was recently the nemesis in a multi-title Marvel epic, but for me the best tale featuring the dastardly mechanoid is Kurt Busiek and George Pérez's from early volume three Avengers.

Ultron was created by Hank Pym (as seen way back in Avengers vol. 1 #58) and amazingly quickly gained sentience and turned on its creator. Once having escaped, it (he) "evolved" himself, and created the Vision. The idea was to use Vision against the Avengers, but much like Ultron did with Pym, Vizh turned the tables -- and ended up joining the team!

Ultron holds Ant Man's (Hank Pym's) helmet. (Image via Screenrant.)

Ultron subsequently has menaced the Avengers many, many times. What has made him so formidable since their first battle is the fact that he managed to steal a supply of adamantium (y'know, the same stuff Wolverine's claws and skeleton are made out of) and "evolve" himself again -- this time with a body made of the stuff (Avengers vol. 1 #66-67). He at one point even managed to infiltrate the so-called "sentient" Iron Man suit. This he was able to do, along with his many other re-creations/rebirths, via to the so-called "Ultron Imperative." In essence, the Imperative is a "suggestion" implanted deep within an electronic/computer system, and at a designated time activates. Then, its victim is compelled, however necessary, to reactivate Ultron.

This movie announcement is also somewhat of a surprise as we saw in the post-credit scene in The Avengers the smirking visage of Thanos. Thus, we expected him to be the bad guy in the sequel. He still may show up, of course (maybe be responsible for activating Ultron?), but it's a lot more doubtful now.

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Awesome! That is odd that they'd have Ultron as the antagonist since they teased Thanos, but it still sounds pretty damn cool. This, and X-Men: Days of Future Past should be pretty good.

Posted by: Carl at July 21, 2013 02:37 PM

Don't forget about Ultron's awesome appearances in The West Coast Avengers. I have been reading these old comics to my son and they are still as exciting now as when I read them back in the 80s.

Posted by: Tired American at July 21, 2013 06:15 PM

T.A.: I actually didn't think much of Ultron's WCA appearances. They depowered him too much (and since when does Ultron need allies on an equal footing?), and the one incarnation (12?) that could feel love and empathy was a bit too goofy.

Posted by: Hube at July 21, 2013 06:40 PM