July 16, 2013

Maintaining your "progressive" cred

The 'net, newspapers and magazines are now awash with "progressives" making crazy statements like "Young black men cannot walk the streets anymore" due to the [self-described Hispanic*] George Zimmerman verdict. We've already seen what several contemporary comics creators ("progressives" all) think; predictable libs are following suit. Some Facebook friends have even posted stuff like "Don't let your kids grow up to be brown boys ... keep them inside if you do." It's certainly predictable, whether the writer identifies himself* as African-American or white; however, especially with the latter, much of the heated post-verdict rhetoric is about ... "maintaining their liberal cred" ... letting their ["progressive"] peers know they're "hip to the theme" for lack of a better saying.

Just consider the sheer stupidity of statements like "Keep your [black] boys inside" -- because the law in Florida allowed a self-identified* Hispanic to protect himself in a scuffle against a black teenager, whom he ultimately ended up killing. The sad fact of the matter (sad for "progressives," that is) aside for the tragic death of a young boy, is that this instance is actually a rarity in contemporary society. For decades now, young black men have had lots more to fear from "going outside" and "walking down the street" ... from other black men. Fact. And, sadly, some "progressives" even play down this fact in an effort to further the silly NarrativeTM that America hasn't changed one iota in terms of racial progress since the Civil War.

For "progressive" self-identified* whites, they retain their "progressive" credentials by focusing on the modern -- and rare -- instances like the Zimmerman/Martin matter and claiming that racial progress is really a façade. They ignore the wildly disproportionate crime statistics among black men, again most of which are focused within their own community. (There were 2,447 murders of blacks by other blacks in 2011, which is almost the same figure as white-on-white murders; however, the former group is just one-sixth the size of the latter.) Why do they do this? If they are so concerned about the value of young black lives in America, why is this fact so anathema to them?

As Patrick Brennan writes,

And that’s exactly what many are saying about the Trayvon Martin trial — that racially motivated murders in America aren’t common, but murders of black men are. But those ("progressives") highlighting Martin’s death and downplaying the phenomenon of black-on-black crime would like you to think the former is a common-enough but neglected type of event that Zimmerman had to be charged, despite the weak case against him.

It's all mind-boggling, really, to a clear-thinking person. But, again, it doesn't fit the NarrativeTM. To modern self-identified* white "progressives," it's unfair to bring up the vast amount of black-on-black crime ... because African-Americans cannot be held accountable for it. The inherent racist political, cultural and legal system here in American has, and continues, to keep black Americans down. That, and there must be a lot of unspoken and purposely ignored guilt among these self-identified* whites, since it is their social programs which have been largely responsible for the disintegration of the black family.

One last thing for any potential "progressives" who may be obliged to comment: As noted yesterday, just because someone may agree with the verdict doesn't necessarily mean he/she thinks Zimmerman is a great guy and/or are "pro" Zimmerman. Nor does agreement with the verdict indicate a belief that there is no more (white) racism, or that there are no further social and legal injustices that need to be rectified in our country. Calling such folks "racists," "white hegemonists," or any other such nonsense certainly isn't going to help/solve anything.

*See here.

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Good points there, Hube. For the race hustlers and guilt-ridden white progressives, they have to stir up racial tensions in this country or otherwise they'd be out of jobs.

And disgustingly, the Daily Beast is trying to downplay black-on-black crime by claiming it's a "myth."

Posted by: Carl at July 16, 2013 01:49 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Maintaining your "progressive" cred
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