June 29, 2013

Celebrities love social media ... except when they don't

From Reason's Facebook page:

New media allows the audience to express its thoughts. No wonder celebrities, politicians, and others with power are apoplectic.

You've seen what we've posted many times here, especially with regards to comicbook creators: how they get in hizzy fits when someone dares to challenge/question them when they post a political comment on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. As Reason continues (regarding Alec Baldwin, in this case):

Baldwin's real issue with new media - he slags Tumblr, Vine, MySpace, Facebook, and more - is that they level kings and queens and even celebrities into a mosh pit of direct, unmediated exchange that is hard as hell to control. It turns out that there's really no red carpet or champagne room when it comes to the way that stars (read: world leaders, sitcom heroes, famous authors, former child actors, you name it) are treated.

What's more, his followers have minds of their own. They may enjoy his turns in Glenngarry Glenn Ross and 30 Rock and guest-hosting on Turner Classic Movies but not really find his views on fracking to be worth a damn. It's a real kick in the pants for a celebrity to be reduced to asking, "Do you think I'm really changing anybody's mind?"

Amen. I think Kurt Busiek is one of the greatest comicbook writers ever to grace the industry. As I've noted previously, he even once -- back before social media ... indeed, even before the explosion of the World Wide Web -- said he doesn't like economic boycotts, preferring to challenge speech with more speech. But his view conveniently changed in the Age of Social Media. I had argued to Kurt (back then) that guys like me had no other real recourse other than our wallets; now, we have precisely what Busiek had advocated: a means to challenge speech with more speech.

And guys like Kurt don't like it. It's bad enough, I suppose, that they have to defend in real time what they do in their stories; now, if they choose to be political, they have to defend that, too. And it surprised the hell out of them that, lo and behold, there are plenty of people out there who enjoy their stories ... but not necessarily their politics. Their solution? Block dissenters. Belittle them. In other words, nothing much different than what your typical radical "progressive" does.


This phenomenon is not unlike what we've seen with the ascension of Fox News. Conservatives wanted -- craved -- a news outlet that would at the very least cover their point of view on issues, and do it fairly. Fox News filled that niche and violá -- instant, incredible ratings success. "Progressives," our supposed paragons of tolerance and understanding, saw what was coming and attacked. And their most telling response to conservatives' "just covering other points of view" claim is ... "one doesn't have to be tolerant of intolerance." (See here for a perfect, and recent, example.) Which is, of course, the easiest way to avoid a discussion and/or debate.

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And we've seen plenty of blocking and belittling coming from these comics writers, that's for sure! Sad that Busiek has changed his views on fighting speech with more speech.

Posted by: Carl at June 29, 2013 01:08 PM

And I see idiot Chris Kluwe was the nimrod who claimed that Rick Perry's views on abortion were like "slavery." What a joke. I'm glad he no longer plays for the Vikings; they were fed up with his nonsense.

Posted by: Carl at June 29, 2013 05:55 PM

Yeah, Kluwe -- what a joke. The guy's a punter, for cripe's sake. STFU and kick, you a-hole.

Posted by: Hube at June 29, 2013 07:06 PM

Yeah, he was always a big douche. I'm so glad he no longer plays for my team. And I agree that he should STFU and kick. That's what he's being paid to do, after all.

Posted by: Carl at June 29, 2013 08:08 PM

It reminds me of what Chuck went over about group-think in this video (after the 7 min mark).

These people have become so insulated against counter views, they're shocked anyone disagrees with them.

Posted by: Nate at July 4, 2013 02:35 PM