June 20, 2013

Today in racism

ITEM: Our new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, "jokingly" asks an Indian college prof if he's "a member of the Taliban":

As JWF asks, "What is it with these bigots constantly insulting Indians?"

ITEM: Then there's southern cooking guru Paula Deen, who apparently likes using the "N" word a lot. I don't know which is more disturbing -- Deen's predilection for racial slurs, or those who wish she'd die because of it ... like the supposedly "tolerant" comics writer Gail Simone:

ITEM: Insty's Glenn Reynolds thinks the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case in Florida was "all about boosting black turnout for 2012."

ITEM: Ace discusses an uncomfortable fact about the immigration debate: the high Latino DUI rate.

ITEM: John Rosenberg showcases An Unusually Wacky Defense Of Affirmative Action:

Tanya Hernandez, a law professor at Fordham, argues that affirmative action is necessary to counteract the implicit biases of university admissions officers and prevent from discriminating against blacks. Really. I’m not making this up.

She really does argue that that admissions officers — probably the most pro-preference cohort of citizens anywhere — need affirmative action to keep them from acting like bigots.

Hernandez also argues that the academic achievement gap is the result [white] teacher racism (or, "implicit biases"). Gee, now where have I heard that before?

UPDATE: Yeesh, how could I forget this one? The prez of the Chicago Teachers Union has blamed "racism" and “rich white people” for the fiscal hassles of her city's schools.

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