June 11, 2013

Boss Obama as Colonel Flagg

Saw a great quote on Twitter last night about the whole NSA/spying flap: It used a classic line from M*A*S*H's Colonel Flagg (from the episode "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler"). In the episode, a shell-shocked bombardier has come to believe he is Jesus Christ, so Hawkeye and BJ call in Dr. Sidney Freedman, the show's every-now-and-then psychiatrist. Unbeknownst to the protagonists, recurring CIA nutjob Flagg has also been dispatched to investigate the matter.

In the conclusion, Flagg lets Freedman have it in Col. Potter's office:

You're not smart, Freedman. You're dumb. Very dumb! But you've met your match in me! Chandler may get out as a psycho -- he's small potatoes. The army can teach my mother how to drop bombs. But, you, Major, are here to stay! Right here, shrink! Where we can make sure you remain loyal to the country that's gonna hound your every step!

I've done a little checking, Dr. Freedman with two "Es" ...

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