June 07, 2013

Jim Geraghty also recognizes Star Trek's ridiculousness

From the National Review writer in his e-mailed Morning Jolt this morning:

And as Jonah mentioned a few Goldberg Files ago (my link -- Hube), our evil Starfleet admiral hey, we haven't seen one of those since Star Trek: Insurrection! is evil because he's trying to "militarize" Starfleet (you know, that big armada of torpedo-armed starships with crews organized by naval ranks) to prepare for a war with the Klingon Empire he thinks is inevitable. What Abrams & Co. have decided is the plot's "evil plan" is actually absolute common sense, and our heroes' brief interaction with the Klingons only confirms the admiral's analysis that the Klingons are relentlessly hostile and aggressive.

I wrote about this as well, natch.

Geraghty concludes:

Maybe the whole thing is meant as a very, very subtle parody of the pacifist nature of future humanity, and how our "progess" into a nonaggressive, conflict-avoiding culture will slowly but surely quietly doom us when we encounter an alien culture like the Klingons or Romulans.

Which some may argue that's just what the Boss Obama administration is doing to the country now ...

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I might just wait for the DVD to come out before I actually see the film.

Posted by: Carl at June 7, 2013 05:58 PM

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