June 07, 2013

Comicbook guys come to Bradley Manning's defense

... which is fine, of course, but again we see their utter hypocrisy, not to mention selectivity. First, there's Mark "Go F*** Yourself" Waid:

And Rick Remender:

Again, the "rightness" of Manning's actions are certainly debatable; what cracks me up is that there has been nary a word from these guys about the one-scandal-after-another Boss Obama administration: Benghazi, the DOJ snooping on the AP and other reporters, the IRS, and now the NSA data-collecting matter. When they do, we get the usual muddle, like with Ed Brubaker here:

In subsequent posts, Brubaker claimed that he's "not a fan of either side, even slightly," and that "none of them (503 [c][3] groups) should be granted tax exempt status when they're clearly not 'non-political.'" But again, to Brubaker, this is the REAL scandal -- not that the IRS is abusing its power. Hell, perhaps even scarier is Ed saying "I think every group from any side of the political spectrum that raises money for political reason should be investigated."

Yeah, great -- to hell with free speech. Let's give the feds even more investigatory power, whether through the IRS, FBI or whoever. Because you're raising money for a political candidate you like. Wonderful.

Need I say it? Just imagine if these scandals were occurring under George W. Bush's watch. Think there'd be a paucity of tweets about the scandals then? HA. Indeed, aside from the innumerable tweets, there'd be stuff like this aplenty.

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Sad, but not surprising, especially when you consider that Brubaker is the same moonbat who had Cap go after the Tea Party in that 2010 storyline.

And they're liberals, so of course they hate free speech... when it doesn't agree with their own views.

Posted by: Carl at June 7, 2013 05:55 PM

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