June 06, 2013

Today's must read

James Taranto's Best of the Web entry from yesterday titled The Parochialism of 'Diversity.' Insty picks up on the key part:

“Moral responsibility is the essence of humanity. It is what sets Homo sapiens apart from other animals. Assigning moral responsibility to whites while denying it to nonwhites is therefore a way of dehumanizing the latter. Multiculturalism turns out to be a disguised form of white supremacy.

Indeed. The examples are too numerous to mention, but recently there's MSNBC's Martin Bashir who thinks we can't say "IRS" anymore because that'd be calling Boss Obama the "N" word, and the commenter "Proud Progressive" at JoshuaPundit who says there's nothing linking the scandal to Obama -- it's just that the GOP can't "stand the idea of a black man kicking the Republican's butts and being in the White House." In other words, like Taranto said, Bashir and PP are denying moral responsibility to a non-white: Barack Obama (I know, I know, he's half white, but "progressives" always ignore that).

Who's "racist," again?

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