June 06, 2013

Dan Slott on "redemption"

The author of Superior Spider-Man who, in case you didn't know, has placed the mind of the villain Dr. Octopus into the body of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. (Pete's mind, or soul, is still around ... somewhere.) Many fans have a big issue with this, including Doug Ernst who's written several posts about it. In fact, Doug's main point in this provocative post is that Ock/Spidey attempted to destroy every human being on planet Earth. Yet ... Slott took to Twitter yesterday defending Ock's right to "redemption." One fan, however, echoed Doug:

In response, Slott offered this:

"Redemptive arc?" Like what -- Return of the Jedi? Did Slott forget that Vader was mortally wounded ... and then died towards the end of the film? That is the "fairness" of that arc -- that Vader suffered the same fate as that which he "bestowed" upon many others. Hell, Slott only needs to look back into the history of one of his company's most famous stories, the "Dark Phoenix" saga. The original plot by Chris Claremont and John Byrne had Prof. X and the Shi'ar merely "excising" the Phoenix Force from Jean Grey. Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter stepped in, however, and demanded that Jean be killed; after all, what justice is it to merely do some brain surgery ... after one has annihilated an entire star system??

Or, as Doug and Thomas Patterson might ask: "Would performing a lobotomy on Hitler be adequate 'justice' for Nazi atrocities in WW 2?"

Here's hoping that Slott's current "hero" meets a similar fate as Vader.

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On the one hand, from a Christian worldview, yes, Doc Ock would be due for redemption. After all, God would love even him.

BUT, is religion anywhere to be found in these books? Do we see Doc suffering from guilt and even begging for forgiveness?

I don't know... it's not that I don't think such a story could be told (might even be interesting), but it would be interesting to see Slott's reaction to the question of redemption next time he runs into a politician he doesn't like.

That would be my question: is he allowing for the redemption of REAL people (not fictional) in his every day life who's "crimes" are far less than Doc's.

Posted by: Nate Winchester at June 6, 2013 04:23 PM

I think that such a story could be done, but the problem is that a "Doc Ock" redemption story didn't need to involve killing and body snatching Peter Parker. The ill will that Dan Slott has generated with SSM with long time Peter Parker fans is rather large, to put it nicely. I think the bigger question is: "Can Dan Slott be redeemed?"

I've said this before: One way to do it would be if Ock found all the memories of Peter's marriage locked away. If he somehow brought Peter back to life AND ended Mephisto's "deal" ... and in effect reunited Peter with his true love, that would be interesting. From that point on, Peter would always have to acknowledge that Ock was the one who reunited him with his soul mate.

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at June 6, 2013 11:28 PM

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