June 05, 2013

Wonder if Hollywood will do up a video ...

... titled "I Am A Conservative 503(c)(3) Applicant"? After all, these ridiculous peons have made an "I Am Bradley Manning" video in support of the notorious leaker.

Some of the lines from the vid (with possible ones for my hypothetical one):

“When you join the military, are you asked to keep any war crimes you might see secret?” ("When you apply for a 503(c)(3), are you asked intimate questions about your personal life ... even that of your friends?")

“You see something that is so wrong," claimed [Oliver] Stone, "it’s very hard for a lower-level soldier to turn on his officers and say, ‘There was a war crime here.’” ("You see something that is so wrong ... it's very hard for low-level IRS employees to turn to their superiors and say 'This is illegal.'")

"The whole concept of whistleblower laws are you cannot get into for reporting about illegal or improper activities," added [Matt] Taibbi. (Repeat verbatim!)

"I think we have to be clear that the cables were not top secret documents," asserted [Chris] Hedges. ("I think we have to be clear that 'progressive' groups applying for tax-exempt status were sailed through, whereas conservative groups were subjected to incredibly invasive -- and possibly illegal -- scrutiny.")

"It’s an absurd charge - 'giving aid and comfort to the enemy,'" stated another unknown man. ("It's an absurd statement -- Obama and others saying 'I had no idea about any of this.'")

*Sigh* I think my pal Chris says its best on Twitter.

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