May 31, 2013

Boss Obama's post-racial America

In Westchester County, NY north of New York City, another Boss Obama cabinet department is drastically overreaching its authority by demanding rather affluent areas build "affordable housing" to supposedly "eliminate" discrimination/racism:

At issue is a 2009 settlement with HUD in which Westchester committed to develop 750 public housing units in mostly white neighborhoods over seven years. County executive Rob Astorino has financing for 305 units (110 of which are already occupied), putting Westchester ahead of schedule. HUD could have declared victory and moved on to a real mess like, say, Detroit.

Instead, the agency is interfering with local zoning in Westchester to force more racial diversity on suburban neighborhoods. Last week, HUD New York's Director of Community Planning and Development Vincent Hom wrote Mr. Astorino and threatened to cancel $7.4 million in unrelated housing and community development funds. To keep the cash, Westchester must produce "a satisfactory zoning analysis and plan to overcome exclusionary zoning practices."

HUD ignored the county's research into discriminatory practices (which found zippo evidence of such) as well as Pace University law professor John Nolon's analysis of the county's findings (which just so happened to agree with the county). HUD feels that "if neighborhoods are majority white they are ipso facto discriminatory." HUD is also "pressing" the county to pass legislation which would force landlords to accept Section 8 housing vouchers. Yeah, that will be a boon for well-to-do neighborhoods, won't it?

Via Insty we read of a "community activist" who is miffed that a new college board chairman is white:

Sadiki Kambon, who said he represents a group called Friends of Roxbury Community College, sent Patrick a letter Monday demanding that Gerald Chertavian, who was named board chairman last week, be replaced by “another qualified candidate (Black).

“It’s important for our young people to see someone who looks like us who is the position of leadership in our academic community. We feel that someone from our community has the skill set necessary to run that institution,” Kambon told the Herald.

The college is predominately black, therefore, Kambon says, it requires a black leader. Of course, if you applied this ridiculous standard across the board, then there would be a lot less blacks in positions of leadership. But as usual, no one ever seriously argues that racial bean counters/diversophiles are very strong in the logic department.

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