May 31, 2013

Comics news

I read that former prez Bill Clinton has endorsed a comic written by long-time US representative -- and noted civil rights activist -- John Lewis titled March. The book "focuses on his (Lewis's) youth in rural Alabama and the start of the Nashville Student Movement." Unfortunately, Lewis was one of those who claimed members of the Tea Party shouted racial epithets during the 2010 Obamacare vote ... epithets that were never proven, despite innumerable recording devices at the scene (press, individual cell phones, etc.) and a $10K award for such proof by the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart. Nevertheless, Lewis, of all people, deserves some slack about that given his history.

The little-known TV network The Hub will be featuring a cartoon titled "SheZow" starring a tranvestite superhero. No sh**. Newsbusters' Randy Hall explains:

The 26-episode Australian-Canadian animated series begins with the death of the boy's Aunt Agne, who was the previous SheZow. The ring was meant for Guy's twin sister, Kelly, but her brother decided to put it on himself as a joke.

Once on his finger, the ring won't come off, and since it was intended to be worn by a female, Guy must wear a large wig, a purple skirt and cape, pink gloves and white go-go boots to gain access to the many powers it bestows, including tremendous strength, speed, flight and his strongest ability, a sonic scream. (Yeah, no gender stereotypes here.)

Whenever trouble arises, the boy says the magic words “You go, girl!” to become the cross-dressing superhero and returns to his secret identity by shouting “She-yeah!”

He/she also has a "beautility belt" which includes items such as "laser lipstick" and "vanishing cream." Uh ... right.

My buddy at BW Media Spotlight, a conservative, is "kind of neutral" about the show:

I still say that it would have been better to have Shezow be a girl because there aren't enough female superheroes, but does it promote transgender? I don't think so. Barely promotes drag queens at best, but I'm only judging by one episode.

Here's the opening of the 'toon, FWIW.

Comics guy Erik Larsen, a big lefty who believes the GOP "stole" the 2000 and 2004 elections (but thus far, no word from him on how the IRS shenanigans may have aided Boss Obama in stealing 2012's), apparently is not a big fan of comics legend John Byrne. A while back, the duo had a bit of a feud regarding artwork, which Byrne turned into a topic at his website. A couple days ago, Larsen tweeted the following about Byrne:

So Larsen doesn't want Byrne working on his books. Oooooh, golly. But here's the thing: Larsen is nowhere near Byrne when it comes to comicbook talent. In a discussion of comicbook greats, Byrne should certainly occupy some air time if you're at all serious about the topic. The "Dark Phoenix" saga. "Days of Future Past." The re-imagining of DC's Superman. Memorable run on the Fantastic Four. Larsen, on the other hand? He'd probably raise a few "Who??" He did average artwork on Spider-Man. Created a character called the Savage Dragon. Whoopee-freakin'-do.

Perhaps the bloated, overhyped entity that is Image Comics has done "wonders" for Larsen's ego.

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I did a full review of SheZow, by the way.

Yay cheap plugging!

As for Larsen, there are some parts to his approach I have given him credit for, like how a longform comic series should evolve. That said, while I liked the Savage Dragon cartoon I was never drawn to the comics. Still, I give him credit for sticking with the series so long, whatever problems I have with Image not featuring Super Dinosaur, G-Man, Danger Club, or It Girl.

Byrne did some things I liked with Superman and a lot I didn't like, but after what he wanted to do with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus (which is semi-amusing considering what they're doing with both characters now) I'm surprised Marvel would even consider letting him play with their toys again. And I wasn't a fan of Next Men at all.

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