May 14, 2013

One good call, one questionable

OK, again, here's what I don't get: Comics creators take to social media to decry gun violence, the NRA, Republicans and conservatives in general, yet -- while deflecting/ignoring queries about their own business -- we see defenses of actions such as this:

A Nebraska public library has rejected a request to either remove Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke from shelves or move the 1988 DC Comics one-shot out of the young-adult area.

“I don’t find it worthy of being removed from the shelf,” the Columbus Telegram quotes Columbus Public Library board member Carol Keller as saying at last week’s meeting.

A patron had objected to the comic, saying it was “very adult” and “advocates rape and violence.” However, in a 3-0 vote (two members were absent), the board disagreed, contending that many prose books and comics depict violence, and that the patron’s interpretation of rape was “misconstrued.”

While I certainly agree that a public library should not remove [just about] any book, including The Killing Joke, I certainly believe that this patron's concern over it being in the "young adult" section could be justified. If you've read the book you'd have to at least consider it, even if you do not agree. While the book actually doesn't "promote" violence, it is quite violent, especially the point-blank range shooting of Barbara Gordon (Commissioner Gordon's daughter and former Batgirl):

An outlet like CBR's Robot 6, which goes out of its way to promote politically correct stories (like this one, also from today) would be hard-pressed to complain about the removal of, say, an graphic novel that promoted traditional marriage because it was "homophobic," let alone report on it at all. And again, in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre when comicbook types took to social media and screamed about guns and violence, why can't we be just a little more vigilant about violence in terms of age appropriateness?

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Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again. DC deleted the two popular characters(Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown)to do it.

Posted by: ran76 at October 11, 2013 02:59 AM

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