May 07, 2013

If you're a pro sports guy and outspoken "progressive" ...

... if you're cut it's not because you pretty much suck, but because your views "aren't accepted." Or, at least, that's what idiot Yahoo! writer Les Carpenter thinks:

But the NFL doesn't always respect reliable players who are role models off the field. Not when those players are smart and have opinions and dare to speak those opinions on places like the Internet. In the past year, [Chris] Kluwe's activism has gone from complaints about labor issues to the third rail to sports executives: gay rights. Suddenly the skilled punter who tees the ball perfectly for his field goal kickers is the great threat to the fabric of football.

Indeed -- gotta have a multi-millionaire field goal ball-placer! And "skilled punter?" Carpenter praises Kluwe further throughout his article ... but is it true that he's so skilled? Not according to ESPN:

  • Kluwe finished 2012 ranked No. 31 among NFL punters in a statistic the Vikings value highly: punts downed inside the 20. Of Kluwe's 72 punts, 18 settled in what the league considers poor field position.
  • Kluwe set a career high with a 39.9-yard net average, but that mark still ranked in the lower half (No. 18 overall) among punters.
  • All of Kluwe's projected $1.45 million cap figure has been erased. His replacement, Jeff Locke, will count about a third of that total. In two years, in fact, the Vikings have shaved 23 years off the combined age of their punter and place-kicker and have lowered their cap commitment for those roles by two-thirds.

Carpenter thinks that because Kluwe is outspoken about his gay rights beliefs, that is what is ingratiating to his fellow players and coaches. Even though Kluwe said no one complained, Carpenter quotes one coach who said Kluwe's antics were "getting old." And y'know what? He'd be right. A football team is about football. When any one player becomes too much of a distraction either on or off the field, the team pays a price. Don't believe me? Terrell Owens. Michael Vick. And Tim Tebow. (Ironically, though, Tebow is much more a manifestation of the media making a big deal about him rather than him bringing unwanted attention onto himself. All the guy did, pretty much, was get down on one knee in a signature pose, for heaven's sake.)

Speaking of Tebow, where was Carpenter when Tebow was cut from the Jets? Why doesn't he think that was due to Tebow's Christian beliefs, hmm?

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The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Tebow somehow isn't allowed to be Christian and express his beliefs publicly but Kluwe is somehow a hero for being a supporter of gay rights. As a Vikings fan I can tell you that I found Kluwe to be an annoying distraction and was quite happy to hear that he was cut. He was always overrated, but like you said, a football team is about football, not one player's nonsensical advocacy. The Vikings coaches were tired of Kluwe's nonsense and you know what? They're right. With him and Percy Harvin gone, that's one less distraction that we have to worry about here.

Posted by: Carl at May 7, 2013 04:32 PM

Why is Tebow singled out and th focus of such hatred? I dont remember this hatred for Kurt Warner. Some how genuflecting is an abomination yet crossing yourself and pointing to the sky is prefectly fine.

Posted by: Arthur at May 8, 2013 10:28 AM

Art: As a huge life-long Rams fan I can tell you Warner got some flack for his beliefs/gestures/willingness to speak about God. But certainly not to the degree of Tebow. I dunno, maybe Tebow gets more guff b/c he is nowhere near as successful as Warner ...?

Posted by: Hube at May 8, 2013 10:55 AM