May 04, 2013

Jimmy Palmiotti: Yet another anti-gun comics guy

He Tweets:

One of his followers comments "And how exactly do you fight a concealed bomb with a hand gun?" To which Palmiotti responds "Exactly."

"No sense of reality," eh Jimmy? Earth to both of you: No, a gun wouldn't stop a concealed bomb; however, if you were watching the news following the bombing, the two bombers were running rampant through the city, seeking escape. That's why, y'know, there was a manhunt after them. LaPierre is right -- I bet a lot of Bostonians would have felt safer in that post-bombing situation.

Palmiotti apparently is just another Dan Slott -- curled up inside his "progressive" bubble where it's hip and cool to spew sh** at guys like LaPierre ... and same to be in favor of, say, fundamentally altering a long-standing comic history for the sake of their god: political correctness.

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