May 01, 2013

But he has time to call a b-ball player for coming out!

Saudi Arabia ‘warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012.’ Hmm ... Russia and Saudi Arabia warned us?? The DHS claims it never got the Saudi tip. Maybe that's because it's been too focused on ways to tie groups like the Tea Party to virtually any act of domestic violence.

Funny, the insane Left wants to hold George W. Bush solely culpable for "allowing" the 9/11 attacks to occur because of a general warning about an al Qaeda attack presented to his then-nascent administration -- and despite Bush's predecessor turning down an opportunity to capture the 9/11 mastermind -- but somehow specific warnings and clues regarding Boston will, I'm sure, have some sort of "logical explanation."

(via Insty.)

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