April 30, 2013

"Intimidation" a big deal only when ...

... well, you know by now.

Robot 6 reports today on the controversy surrounding a political cartoon that was seen by some as mocking the fourteen dead as a result of that explosion in Texas. Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked the paper to apologize; Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst supposedly called for the cartoonist to be canned. While I certainly disagree with Dewhurst's view, and think that Perry is wasting his time seeking an apology, what is even funnier is Sacramento Bee (where the 'toon was published) Editorial Page Editor Stuart Leavenworth's reaction -- calling Perry's actions "intimidating" and something we'd see in "North Korea."

Uh, right. Meanwhile, right here nearby in the City of Brotherly Love we have Mayor Michael Nutter looking into whether a magazine article can lead to criminal charges -- because it may lead to "racial unrest."

ABCNews.com has articles on the Perry-cartoon flap, but nothing on Mayor Nutter.

CBSNews.com doesn't have stories on either issue.

CNN.com has stories on both matters.

NBCNews.com has no stories on Nutter, one on Perry being upset at the cartoon.

The WaPo has nothing about Nutter, and three article about Perry and the 'toon.

To be fair, there is plenty in the local Philly media about Nutter's First Amendment ignorance, including by noted libs like Will Bunch.

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