April 25, 2013

Should be titled The Reluctant Idiot

Via Big Hollywood comes word of Mira Nair's film The Reluctant Fundamentalist which doesn't do what you may think. Nope, it ignores the insanity of radical Islam and instead focuses in on supposed "Islamophobia" in the United States following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001:

"We are riddled with Islamophobia, we are riddled with xenophobia in many, many ways" she said, adding that she wanted to create "a bridge between two worlds that I know and I love and desperately need to understand each other.

Fundamentalist co-star Kiefer Sutherland, best known for playing the terrorist-fighting Jack Bauer on 24, said the fallout from the 9/11 terrorist attacks brought out "the things I hate the most: racism, prejudice, ignorance, fear."

To which BH's Christian Toto responds: "Call me silly, but the thing I hate the most is watching my fellow Americans get snuffed out by people filled with hate."

Indeed. And spare us the BS of "Islamophobia" here in the States. Based on the FBI's own stats, one would think there's a rash of anti-Semitism in the US ... but we can't bring that up in the context of this discussion because, after all, the Jewish state of Israel is one of the most oppressive/racist governments on the planet. (/sarcasm)

But even funnier is the "xenophobia" charge. Let me see ... here in the US freedom of religion is a constitutional right. In Islamic countries, if you're not a Muslim, you risk jail and even death. And unless I'm mistaken, doesn't hating a religious group -- Jews -- so badly that you wish them all dead classify as xenophobia??

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