April 21, 2013

Dopey News Journal Letter of the Week

Here's what the hyphenation of Americans and group-think have led to: dolts like Anthony Marquez stating that Marco Rubio "had it too good" to represent other Hispanics:

The vast majority of immigrants come from Mexico and other Central American nations who were running away from starvation. I suggest that although Hispanic, Sen. Rubio’s privileged birth and upbringing make him a poor choice to relate to and understand the needs of the other Hispanics.

"Privileged??" Marquez has a ridiculously skewed view of the term (and I'm being nice). Rubio's dad was a bartender, and his mom worked the night shift at Wal Mart (source). He had to take out $100K worth of student loans for college.

What Marquez is doing is what cretins like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson routinely do regarding African-Americans -- claim anyone who doesn't think as they do "aren't authentically black." By this insane standard, Mitt Romney and/or John Kerry aren't "authentically white" due to their real privilege/upbringing.

Oh, and if you check out the comments section of this letter, perpetual commenter (and stalwart dopey "progressive") Mary-Lee Lutz seems to think it's significant that Rubio's parents fled Cuba before Fidel Castro came to power (1956 to be exact). Indeed, they did flee the authoritarian regime of Fulgencio Batista hoping, like many Cubans of that time did, that post-Batista Cuba would be better. They returned to the island in 1961 only to find ... that Castro-led Cuba was infinitely worse.

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