April 18, 2013

Dopey News Journal Letter of the Week

Clarence Clayman of New Castle wonders when the US will declare an all-out war on ... meat:

We have sacrificed the lives of 10,000 American personnel and trillions of dollars in waging two wars to avenge the deaths of 2,600 Americans in the 9/11 attacks. When will we wage a bloodless, low-cost war on the killer meat-based diet, potentially responsible for as many as 1.3 million American deaths annually?

Clayman notes the usual studies in favor of an all-vegetable diet, like "vegetarians were 32 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease than people who ate meat and fish." But y'know what? So what. I like meat. I'm certain my chances of dying are greater, too, because I drive a car (accidents), play golf a lot in the summer (skin cancer), and play in the ocean and river in the summer (drowning).

Genetics play a significant role in heart disease, too. Can't do much about that. Certainly, eating healthy and getting enough exercise are just smart things to do for anyone. But you can live long -- and eat meat, too -- in doing those things. Again, just be smart. Bowing to the will of a radical vegan isn't worth the time or hassle.

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Yeah, the people who want to ban meat are the same people who scream "it's my body" when it comes to a thing called abortion; in other words, people like Clayman are hypocritical nanny state paternalist types..

I'm not changing my diet based on a bunch of "studies," that's for sure.

Posted by: Carl at April 18, 2013 04:45 PM

If it were true that vegetarianism actually would end hunger I'd do it. I'd miss meat terribly but I'd do it if it meant no one would have to starve to death. Alas, wishing won't make it so. Most hunger is political and me not eating a cheeseburger (or God forbid, bacon) isn't going to change that.

Posted by: Duffy at April 19, 2013 12:43 PM

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