April 17, 2013

Superior Spider-Man's Dan Slott doesn't burst his bubble (again)

Superior Spider-Man writer Dan "Set the Record Straight" Slott is pissed -- PISSED I tell you! (Dan likes to use CAPS a lot on Twitter) -- that the US Senate failed to achieve the needed 60 votes to pass increased background checks for gun purchases:

You tell 'em, Dan! Meanwhile, the economy still sucks ass, unemployment is ridiculously high, the debt and deficit -- the latter of which Boss Obama said he would halve by the end of his first term in office -- are astronomical, Gitmo remains open, Obama has increased the assault on civil liberties that the Left constantly bitched about for almost eight years under GW Bush ... but Slott will become the "most politically active SOB" around because one [GOP] Senator voted against what he wanted. And how dare Rubio? Doesn't he know who Slott is?? He writes Spider-Man, dammit!!

And let's throw in Slott with the anti-GOP Election Truthers like fellow comicbook moonbat Erik Larsen:

Got that? Somehow, being the writer of a major comicbook character automatically makes you a legal and historical genius! Who knew that one US Supreme Court justice made George W. Bush president in 2000? I'd ask Slott to explain that one -- like I asked for evidence that Fox News is "unequaled" when it comes to political sleaze -- but he's blocked me.

And here's another Slott "fact":

Only Obamanauts continually cite this fiction. The "Bubble," after all.

Slott has stated before he doesn't really care what consequences may come his way for being politically outspoken, I'll give him that, at least. But as has become quite evident, unfortunately he's just another far-left moonbat who exists in the "progressive" bubble where everyone agrees with one another, and pats each other on the back for believing in the "right" things. On the current issue, I happen to think expanding background checks is a good idea; however, the polls have consistently shown that gun control ranks low on the list of concerns the American people have these days. The aforementioned economy, unemployment and deficit/debt rank considerably higher. Hell, even "Ethical/Moral/Family Decline" ranks higher than gun control. And if Slott rants about the Senate doing "what the people want," then why doesn't it then ditch ObamaCare? Or, at least, make a major modification of it?

Ah, Dan ... keep on enjoying that comfy womb-like Bubble, amigo.

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If Dan Slott wants to talk about legislation that kills innocent people, why doesn't he look at CAFE standards ... that Obama signed into law?

Mandating that cars get more gas mileage has produces lighter cars that are made with materials that don't hold up as well in accidents. FACT.

So if we use their own "if it would save just one life" then ... Dan should be pretty made at Barry.

How many laws did Adam Lanza break on the day he murdered all those people? Something like 40? I'm sure 41,42, or 43 laws would have totally stopped him.

You can't legislate crazy. But Dan Slott can obviously block people who burst his bubble on Twitter.

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at April 17, 2013 10:14 PM

Exactly. You can't legislate crazy away. Hell, if we could magically legislate every world problem away, it stands to reason that we wouldn't have any problems in the first place. I'm glad the Senate defeated the bill.

Posted by: Carl at April 18, 2013 02:26 PM

Dan Slott is an idiot that clearly does not understand the real world. I find if funny that he feels that if he uses caps that it makes him right. He is a classic internet TROLL.
Dan Slott is nothing but an ignorant hack.

Posted by: Truthwillwin1 at July 18, 2013 11:47 AM

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