April 05, 2013

The politics behind DC's The Movement

Don't be fooled by writer Gail Simone's fence-sitting interview about her new comicbook about the so-called "Occupy" movement. If you've followed her Twitter feed or other social media, you'll know she's bullshi**ing you. Here's what I mean:

Simone: I don't think the book is about liberal vs. conservative. It's about values that comics have always been about, the struggle against injustice on behalf of the little guy, the powerless and innocent. That's pretty bi-partisan.

What a laugh. What is an "injustice" to Simone probably won't be seen as an "injustice" to someone else. After all, Simone voiced her displeasure over Orson Scott Card getting a Superman writing gig (with no mention of any concern about someone getting axed for his personal political views), made snarky comments about former VP candidate Paul Ryan, and is vehemently anti-NRA. But that's the way "progressives" think. They truly feel that their beliefs are sacrosanct and beyond reproach, and if you differ then you are inherently bad ... even evil.

Simone also bitched about "rabid political sites" attacking her for doing The Movement, stating it's a "weird reflex action at this point," and people are upset at "the very idea of someone who might have a conflicting viewpoint." You can be sure those "rabid" sites were mostly conservative, but it's hilarious that Simone mentions that "conflicting viewpoints" line. Um, helLO?? Orson Scott Card, you idiot. And do you really believe, Gail, that you're somehow "going out on a limb" by doing a book on such a topic/subject like "Occupy?" Spare us. You and the vast majority of your comicbook contemporaries all think alike. That is, you're all liberals. You're sooooo brave, for doing this comicbook ... LOL.

You know why people who don't share your politics may be miffed at this project, Gail? Not for its politics per se, but that the subject of your book was covered ridiculously sympathetically by the media, despite the myriad instances of violence, rape, drug use, vandalism, and general disturbance of the peace. On the other hand, another social movement, the Tea Party, was constantly portrayed as being composed of complete ogres -- and they were labeled as racists by all the major media simply because a few [liberal] pols said so ... despite there being not one scintilla of video/audio evidence in a crowd where practically everyone had cell phones equipped with such recording abilities. Even your own medium did just this, if you recall.

My predicition is that this book will go nowhere, simply because we've seen it all before and we're tired of being lectured to by people who all share the same politics.

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I agree with you. This book isn't going to last for very long, if it even manages to get past the first issue. No one gives a damn about the Occupy dirtbags anymore, because they're pretty much dead as a movement now.

Posted by: Carl at April 5, 2013 04:33 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: The politics behind DC's The Movement
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