April 02, 2013

The Guardians of the Galaxy's Iron Man connection

As sort of a sequel to this post, did you know that the original Guardians of the Galaxy had to battle a species known as ... The Stark? In the Guardians' alternate timeline -- which coincidentally is the same timeline of the War of the Worlds and Killraven -- Tony Stark, in an act of desperation, launched his advanced technology into deep space so that that invaders from Mars couldn't get their hands (or appendages, tentacles or whatever) on it. Hundreds of the years later, Stark's "luggage" landed upon a planet on which a primitive race lived. They made use of what they found, and sure enough, true to the origin of the Watchers' vow, they proved unable to handle it.

This was all shown in volume two Guardians of the Galaxy, by Jim Valentino. One of these Stark, dubbed Taserface/Overkill, managed to battle the GoG to a draw. The Stark were also featured in the pages of Iron Man itself during Len Kaminski's tenure as writer (in vol.1 #280). The last "rational" ones of the Stark race, in a desperate quest to save their species and planet, whisk Tony Stark forward in time where he endeavors to devise various tech and devices to undo pollution and industrial environmental damage. He makes some headway, but the sensible Stark scientists do not appear to be able to repel to the Stark tech-wielding barbarians heading their way. In order to quell any dangerous temporal irregularities, the head Stark scientist, Sysop, sends Tony back to his own time, and then destroys the entire scientist hidden lair instead of ceding it to the approaching hordes.

Iron Man #280 is the immediate predecessor to the very first appearance of the War Machine armor. Tony's body is rapidly succumbing to the "techno-organic virus" seen in "Armor Wars 2," and he'll eventually bequeath the War Machine to pal Jim Rhodes upon his "death" (actually cryogenic suspension) in #284.

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Interesting. I heard that Iron Man might be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Posted by: Carl at April 2, 2013 10:18 PM