March 16, 2013

Two items of note in the comics world

First, something which virtually no one cares about, yet get major comics site article space: Fantagraphics To Release Book Of Guantanamo Courtroom Sketches.

When the military trials at Guantanamo began in 2006, no cameras were permitted in the courtroom, and only one sketch artist -- Janet Hamlin -- was allowed inside to document the events, creating sketches of the prisoners which grant them a measure of dignity they'd otherwise not been afforded, while giving all of us a glimpse at this significant moment in our nation's history.

Four words: Cry me a river. I'm certain these socially and culturally regressed barbarians care about your dignity, right? Not to mention your life.

Next, Robot 6 is miffed that the graphic novel Persepolis has been removed from a high school's library. Now, even the article notes that the book won "the American Library Associationís Alex Award for adult books that have special appeal to teenage readers." Thinking that the term "adult" actually means something, perhaps that was the reason for what the school did?

I haven't read the book myself, so I did some checking. This review site states that the recommended age group for the book be 21. It goes on to note that there's profanity "on almost every page," and that the second of the tale has quite a bit of sexual content. I am about as pro-free speech as one can possibly be; however, as I noted on this post, age appropriateness is probably the only thing I have a real issue with when it comes to free expression. If the review above is accurate, then technically (and even legally), only 18 year-olds at the high school in question should be allowed to check out the book. If the librarian held the book in a special area that said just this, then fine. Otherwise, I fail to see why people would be up in arms about a school removing the GN.

If this was a public library that was available to the entire public, that's a diferent story. But this is a school library. There are better battles to pick than this.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Two items of note in the comics world

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