March 12, 2013

Answer: Call the audience "racist"

Well, honestly, that's what I was expecting to read as an answer in this article.

It’s worth pointing out that DC has been continually trying when it comes to the New 52 and diversity: With books like Mister Terrific, Static Shock, Blue Beetle and Voodoo, it feels as if DC has been attempting to create new, non-straight-white-male leads with little-to-no response from the audience for months now. Both Katana and Vibe may have seemed like they’d have more success with the Justice League connection, but perhaps the only franchise at DC that is truly bulletproof right now is the Batman family – Batwing is still around, this far into the New 52, after all…

Gallaher’s point is well-made, too; if we want to have a more diverse slate of superheroic characters, and publishers are trying to provide it but the market doesn’t support it, what is to be done?

But author Graeme McMillan left it an open question. Thankfully.

The actual answer is "There's nothing you CAN do about it." Except to continue trying. If you keep putting out sh**ty stories, people won't buy 'em no matter what the heroes look like, black, white Hispanic, whatever. Comics may be on the cutting edge of "progressive," but ultimately the bottom line is money.

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The Big Two have been pumping out sh**ty stories for well over a decade now, and it shows in the declining sales figures.

Perhaps they should take the Cosby show approach when dealing with minority characters: make it appeal to everyone, not just the minority groups they want to reach out to.

Posted by: Carl at March 12, 2013 06:30 PM

Carl beat me to the punch. Good writing is good writing whether the character is white, black, asian, male or female etc.

Take any of the greatest storylines in comic history (i.e. The Watchmen) and ask yourself would it make a difference if The Comedian was black? Would that impede the story? What if Silk Spectre was latina?

Just my $.02

Posted by: Duffy at March 13, 2013 10:34 AM

I'm not that big a Watchmen fan, but personally I don't care what a character is as long as the writing is good.

Posted by: Carl at March 13, 2013 03:34 PM

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