March 11, 2013

P.C. in the military has reached astronomical levels

The Air Force chaplain who created the PowerPoint showing how to properly handle a Koran has ... been awarded the Bronze Star.

The. Bronze. Star.

From the comments section:

"Being able to do it using a Windows 8 computer must be deserving of the Air Force Cross."

"My dad was awarded the Bronze Star for landing an aircraft in enemy territory and rescuing some downed airmen in Vietnam. Of course, this was before the hazardous duty that is working with anything Microsoft makes."

"Wow, I knew Microsoft software was dangerous, but I had no idea ..."

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Given their propensity for head choppery, he probably got the star for being brave enough to do anything about the Koran. If he got it wrong they'd probably kill him so there's that.

Posted by: Duffy at March 11, 2013 03:55 PM

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