March 08, 2013

A paper with some standards. Sort of.

Loyal Colossus reader Fred Gregory sends word of how his local paper, the Greensboro (North Carolina) News-Record, had to apologize for inserting a blatantly editorial comment into one of their headlines about the controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card:

Iíll not mince words. It was a dumb headline: ďAn uproar over author Orson Scott Card ís homophobic views leads illustrator to withdraw.Ē

The article itself was fine. It related how Cardís anti-gay marriage activism has prompted a tempest among some Superman fans. We first reported on that tempest a couple of weeks ago.

Yet the word ďhomophobicĒ suggests something other than views about gay marriage and homosexuality. It suggests contempt for or hatred of gay people themselves.

Itís also a loaded word, loaded in that it may be construed by some readers to betray a News & Record agenda on homosexuality.

Hey, for all we know, Card may hate homosexuals. Only he knows that, however. The News-Record certainly doesn't (the paper, in the link above, even includes a snippet from a past Card article which indicates he is vehemently opposed to mistreatment of gay people ... that they be treated with compassion), so this "set the record straight" column is certainly a worthy one. Kudos to Jeff Gauger.

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Interesting semantic issue. A newspaper should certainly steer clear. But in the real world: Does anyone really believe that someone can be against interracial marriage but not be just a smidge racist? I see no difference, today, on the gay issue.

In a few years, it'll be a non-issue. (Kudos to Rob Portman, btw).

Posted by: dan at March 15, 2013 02:52 PM

Aside from the matter of, y'know, actual biology, your point is taken. Y'know, a man+woman=offspring. From a marriage. "No difference" indeed. :-P

*Sigh* Anyway, as a libertarian, I personally don't care, and as I've noted before, I think gays would do better to lobby for civil unions that have all the benefits of traditional marriage. What they desire would happen a lot sooner.

Posted by: Hube at March 15, 2013 04:59 PM

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