March 05, 2013

Liberal critics make the author's point

Robert Huber writes what he must have known would be a provocative article in Philadelphia Magazine. His thesis is essentially that white people are afraid to speak up on matters of race (in and around Philly). Daniel Denvir at Philly City Paper chides Huber in a childish "nyah nyah" fashion, because, you know, Caucasians have absolutely nothing to complain about (regarding race).

Let's cut the bullcrap already. It is entirely possible to feel muzzled in "honest" racial discussions while at the same time recognizing the historical wrongs perpetrated against African-Americans, as well as the advantages whites have enjoyed since the country's founding. The [easily predictable] reaction to this article proves how correct we've been in the past when we've called programs such as "Courageous Conversations" and "Difficult Dialogues" frauds -- frauds because, like Huber, if you're white and you want to be "courageous," you'd better be prepared to endure a lot of criticism, not to mention the typical accusations of ... RACISM! Such programs are usually skewed from the start; "Courageous Conversations," for example, at the onset states that student home life, socio-economic status, and parental situation are "off limits."

How "courageous" is that?

Huber may be wrong, or he may be right. Or somewhere in between. But the [liberal] visceral reaction proves much of his point: Honest, frank discussions about race are still a long way off (apologies to Eric Holder notwithstanding).

UPDATE: See what I mean?

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