March 04, 2013

It was a publicity stunt!

Soccer player Lauren Silberman tried out an NFL combine as a kicker yesterday ... and -- surprise!! -- she failed miserably:

Her first kickoff attempt, from the 35-yard line, went 19 yards. Her second went just 13, and she soon was accompanied to the trainer's table.

"I just couldn't do it today," Silberman said. "I know I can do a lot more."

Silberman had one more kickoff and five field goal attempts remaining, and later lobbied NFL officials to let her try to complete the workout. After a long conversation, it was decided she would not continue because of [a leg] injury.

Yeah, it was the "injury." Silberman later said, "The distance wasn't there but hopefully the scouts will notice my technique. It's not always length."

"Distance wasn't there ..."?? Yeah, I can see some NFL coaches now: "OK, the damn kickoff only went 25 yards, but holy crap -- did you see that technique??" And maybe Silberman could create a new specialty position -- that of Really Short Distance Field Goal Kicker.

The NFL promoted Silberman's tryout, and she appeared on a few television programs leading up to the event.

And there is still a milestone to be had. While Silberman started the tryout, she did not complete it. "I might be the first woman trying out for the NFL," Silberman said. "But I certainly hope I'm not the last."

I'm sure the NFL promoted her "tryout." 'Ya gotta be politically correct these days, after all, right? No matter how ludicrous it is.

UPDATE: Here's a video of her "good technique." Try not to laugh. I dare 'ya:

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