March 01, 2013

Mark Waid redux

Comics guy Mark Waid, who makes a ton of money and has a very successful career, bafflingly is an incredibly angry man. He's still really pissed off about this post, insisting I "lied" about him and his views. Here's a sampling of his umbrage from Twitter last night:

In response to Douglas Ernst's comments about Waid's profanity:

In response to my comments about Waid's selective choice of "actionable actions" that can be used to legitimately fire a writer (like Orson Scott Card from Superman):


Waid then accuses me of "prosecuting him":

Waid then accuses me of selective editing to make me look good, and him bad:

After I tell him "Pot, Kettle," Waid then offers up this:

I'll grant that the "racist" remark was made in jest (I really don't think Waid is that far gone, like Rachel Maddow apparently is regarding SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia), but he's way off on my being "pro-NOM" (National Organization for Marriage). Couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is, I vehemently disagree with Orson Scott Card's views on homosexuals, and specifically with regards to gay "marriage," I couldn't care less about it. In my view, if gay Americans are granted the same benefits as heterosexual couples in civil unions, the matter is settled.

If you're like Waid and believe I "edit things to my favor," don't just take my word about all the above quotes. Merely visit my Twitter feed and read the exchanges for yourself.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Mark Waid redux

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