February 28, 2013

Mark Waid -- what a "tolerant progressive!"

Comics writer Mark Waid apparently got wind of my post yesterday in which I criticized his statement regarding new (and anti-gay marriage) Superman writer Orson Scott Card. And, he didn't like it:

Here's how "illiterate" I am:

1) Waid says "I NEVER said you can't have guns." In my post I wrote "Are the many comments made by your colleagues (and perhaps yourself) regarding, say, the NRA "hateful" and "bullying," Mr. Waid?" I [clearly] added the "perhaps" there because unlike other outspoken comics creators, I haven't yet encountered any specific anti-gun comments by Waid.

2) Waid then whines "... and the quote YOU RAN shows it DOES cut both ways." But he's only talking here about a person's held beliefs. He said a person's actions are what make the difference. (Addendum: To be clear, Waid ALSO means actions apply to people of both political stripes. But he has a narrow VIEW of what constitutes "actionable actions." Just to be clear and thorough. -- Hube)

To which I wrote:

What substantive difference is there between Card serving on a board of a group like the National Organization for Marriage (his so-called "actions") and/or his writing about topics like gay marriage, and you opining on matters political/cultural via myriad social media outlets? You are a high-profile writer just as Card is. His avenues of expressing his opinion(s) are not significantly different from yours.

So, contrary to Waid's assertion, I clearly did read what he said about Mr. Card and responded accordingly. If Waid wants to clarify that Marvel, DC or whoever can can him for what he says about controversial matters political/cultural in social media, blogs or wherever, then fine. Again, there's little substantive difference between Card sitting on a board of an organization that advocates something and him writing about the same subject, and Waid or anyone else using their high profile status to communicate about issues via whatever avenue they utilize.

Let's face it: Among most contemporary comics creators (and "progressives" in general) there are some issues which are perfectly acceptable to criticize with little repercussions. Gun control/hatred of the NRA (National Rifle Association) is one of these. Being against gay marriage like Orson Scott Card is, however, anathema. This is why I Tweeted to Waid in response to his foul-mouthed reply that he simply "wants his cake and eat it too."

Injecting "progressive" politics into comics stories is perfectly legit -- it's "topical" and "relevant." We've documented countless examples here at Colossus (and elsewhere). And most recently, writer Gail Simone is working on a comic dedicated to the Occupy movement. On the other hand, Orson Scott Card's views are a "dire emergency," and even accomplished creator Frank Miller's desire to have Batman take on al Qaeda was met with criticism and controversy.

UPDATE: Carl reminds us how "tolerant" Waid was back when some Captain America issues disparaged the Tea Party: "[Waid] is humiliated and mortified on behalf of my entire industry that Fox News is able to bully us into apologizing to lunatics."

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What a douche. If that's the way he treats people, i won't be buying any of his stuff anytime soon.

Posted by: Carl at February 28, 2013 01:11 PM

I was surprised by the nastiness of the reply, to be sure. I mean, if you wanna discuss an issue via social media, then don't be a foul-mouthed moron, especially when I didn't use such lingo, nor was I unfair.

Waid appears to be just another "progressive" who feels the need to destroy a dissenter. That's a great attitude to have in the field he inhabits!

Posted by: Hube at February 28, 2013 01:32 PM

Yeah... it's pretty bad. And that's exactly right; like all progressives, he wants to destroy the dissenters. He has no room for alternative points of view; he's probably for diversity, but not diversity of thought. Kind of like the modern college campuses.

Posted by: Carl at February 28, 2013 02:23 PM

I just wrote about this myself. It's hardly the first time in recent years that Waid has gone off on some kind of rant. He called the Tea Party "lunatics" back in 2010 during the storyline where Ed Brubaker had Cap and the Falcon go after them, where they were lead by the Cap of the 1950s.

Posted by: Carl at February 28, 2013 02:31 PM

[Part of] Waid's narrow view apparently means [actions that] "could be considered hateful" by "many people" and must be directed at "a minority group."

That's why Card's comments (oops! Actions!) are bad, but creators can rip the NRA and gun owners at will.

Posted by: Hube at February 28, 2013 08:23 PM


The response he gave you makes me think he's probably getting more than a few people giving him flak for his words. He saw your tweet probably didn't read what you wrote and went full bore as just another one of the voices that are hounding him.

Posted by: Duffy at March 1, 2013 10:10 AM