February 24, 2013

Canadian insanity

We've written about Canada's nutty "human rights commissions;" here's yet another example of the type of insanity they foster:

Earls’ “Albino Rhino” is officially extinct.

Earls Restaurants will take beer sold under the 25-year-old brand off the menu after a Vancouver woman with albinism filed a BC Human Rights Tribunal complaint against the chain in 2012. The same craft beer will still be sold, but just as “Rhino.”

Ikponwosa (I.K.) Ero, representing a group with the genetic condition that causes a lack of pigmentation in skin, hair and eyes and often blindness, accused the popular restaurant of discrimination based on physical disability and colour.

Yeah, never mind that the beer was named after an actual animal. And exactly how did the chain "discriminate" by selling this brew? Peter Ash, CEO of an albino advocacy organization, said “It would be like saying, let’s put in some Alzheimer appetizers, Down syndrome daiquiris or cerebral palsy cocktails." Uh, yeah, right.

I like this from the comments section: "Green Giant brand should be wary of offending tall individuals, and Sunny-D of those who might be depressed."

And so it goes.

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