February 19, 2013

How original! George W. Bush included among Hitler, Mao, et. al.

Via Robot 6: Brazilian pop artist Butcher Billy has created a "real life" Legion of Supervillains, and guess who made the list alongside such notorious figures as Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Osama bin Laden? Yep, George W. Bush.

Article author Mark Kardwell [rightly] questions the inclusion of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg too ("[He] isnít exactly a genocidal tyrant"), yet -- nary a word about our last president. Say it with me: BOOOR-INGGG.

Commenter Brian's sarcasm nails it: "Painting George Bush Jr as villain. Thatís edgy and inventive :-p"

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It seems that Bush Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well, especially in the entertainment industry.

Posted by: Carl at February 19, 2013 05:13 PM

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