February 17, 2013

Top Ten "Mind-Blowing" Time travel Stories in Comics

Newsarama's Graeme McMillan does it again with his famed Top Ten lists, this time hitting upon a topic of most interest to yours truly! Here is his list, with any comments by me to follow:

#10. The Legion of Super-Heroes. Featured Superboy traveling to the future to assist. And when he returned to the present, he lost all memory of what he had just did. Was never highly impressed by any of these stories.

#9. Prisoners of Doctor Doom! The first-ever appearance of the evil Doc in FF #5 made use his notorious "time platform" to send three of the quartet back to Blackbeard's time to nab some treasure. The Thing wanted to remain, but he couldn't, natch.

#8. Lost In Space-Time. Being an Avengers fan and a time-travel fan, I simply cannot believe I haven't read any of these stories. So, I promptly rectified that and ordered the TPB on Amazon yesterday!

#7. Doomquest. David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Romita Jr.'s masterpiece, Shellhead and Doc Doom travel back to King Arthur's time. Was reprised -- in reverse -- almost a decade later (and exactly 100 issues later) when IM and DD go forward to the year 2093. Michelinie/Layton concluded the trilogy many years hence with Iron Man: Legacy of Doom.

#6. Armageddon 2001.
#5. Legion Quest / Age of Apocalypse.
#4. DC One Million.
#3. Avengers Forever.
I'd have this at number one, hands down. And here's why.

#2. The Return of Bruce Wayne.
#1. Days of Future Past.
The easy choice, I suppose, for the top spot because as it says the tale "changed everything for the X-Men, and created literally decades of stories ..." And, as you probably know, it'll be a major motion picture next summer!

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I really need to read "Lost in Space-Time," too.

Posted by: Carl at February 17, 2013 02:31 PM

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