February 16, 2013


Robot 6 reports that a openly gay author, David Gerrold (who indeed has an impressive resumé), has asked "DC Comics for balance — and a job."

“I see that you have hired a writer for Superman who has written strongly of his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people. And I see that there is an online petition protesting that move,” he wrote on Facebook. “Perhaps you could balance that decision by hiring an openly gay writer to draft a Superman story for a future issue.”

Which is just plain dumb. Is Card injecting his politics into his story? There's no indication of that, not to mention there's been none in his past stories that I'm familiar with. If you don't like Card's views and politics, don't buy his stuff. But this is pure politically correct bullsh** -- a quota, if you will. If "progressives" like Gerrold were so concerned about balance, what about political balance in comics stories? We've documented myriad instances of outright leftist politicking within the pages of contemporary comics, so why not "equal time" for conservative views, hmm??

Ah, but y'see, just like on American campuses, "diversity" only applies to skin color and sexual orientation. Diversity of viewpoint for "progressives" is 100% completely anathema ... as it always has been.

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If Gerrold needs something to do, maybe he could finish his series "War Against the Chtorr." The last book was published when I was in high school.

Posted by: Paul Smith at February 16, 2013 03:33 PM

The "diversity of viewpoints" bit really hit home for me, especially due to my experiences with far-left college professors a few years ago. It's amazing how that's anathema on campuses and pretty much everywhere else, while someone's skin color and sexual orientation is considered "true diversity."

Posted by: Carl at February 18, 2013 05:49 PM

(Yeah, it's Killer Moth from the Four Color Media Monitor. I'm de-lurking for a second.)

Is this the same guy who wrote the Tribble episode on TOS? If so, doesn't he have anything better to do than to yell "get off my lawn" at Card?

Anyway, as you said, 'don't like, don't read.' No one is forcing a leftist to read Card. And the majority of modern comic writers are flaming leftists (Simone, Bendis), but, no, we got to dump on the one potential non-leftist, "because he doesn't belong."

As for diversity of viewpoints, it's meaningless without the key one: ideological diversity. Otherwise, regardless of race or gender or orientation, a leftist is a leftist.

Saw the entry, and I thought about ranting. Awesome blog, by the way.

Posted by: Killer Moth at February 18, 2013 07:24 PM

It's amazing how that's anathema on campuses and pretty much everywhere else, while someone's skin color and sexual orientation is considered "true diversity."

Eventually they'll probably include people with third nipples... while discriminating against anyone who questions anything significant about their worldview, philosophy or financial power structure.

Posted by: mynym at February 19, 2013 11:24 AM

LOL. Good point there, mynym. It's just ridiculous how obsessed with diversity people have become these days.

Posted by: Carl at February 21, 2013 10:19 PM

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