February 08, 2013

Drone strikes OK under Obama because he's "better" than Bush. Or something.

The idiocy known as MSNBC and Krystal Ball (who the f*** is she anyway?) admit their brazen hypocrisy regarding the drone targeting of Americans by claiming that Boss Obama is "more trustworthy" than George W. Bush, and make analogies as to "who would you trust" using folks like Dr. Ruth or Todd Akin for sex advice. Ball continued:

“How would you feel about a Madeline Albright panel about women and body image?” Ball asked hypothetically. “Now, how do you feel about the Larry Flynt panel on women and body image?”

“Do you feel different about Warren Buffet setting standards for financial ethics versus Bernie Madoff?”

I kid you not.

To say such a rationale is flawed does a great disservice to the term. Such ridiculous analogies do not even come close to addressing the legality of the whole issue (which "progressives" screamed about for years during the last administration), nor how Boss Obama has upped the ante on this whole matter in ways that Bush never did.

Just like her idiot co-host Touré, there is no way Ball can escape the common sense rational judgment of thinking people ... which says she is a pea-brained hypocrite of the highest order. And, just keep in mind her "rationale" for the future -- when the GOP has the White House again: Whenever a "progressive" brings up the "hypocrisy" issue, just guffaw at him and say "[The current president] is much more trustworthy. So there's no hypocrisy."

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The hypocrisy from the left on this is... astonishing, to say the least. As for Krystal Ball, she's a failed Democrat Congressional candidate from Virginia from what I can tell.

Posted by: Carl at February 9, 2013 05:18 PM

"Call me a hypocrite, but I sure don't."

Since when did 7th graders get to host shows on MSNBC?

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at February 10, 2013 12:23 AM

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