February 06, 2013

Karma vs. religion

It's "funny" that a sizable portion of the populace believe God has a stake in something like the Super Bowl; however, it's legitimate "karma" that anti-gay slurs led to one of the teams (the 49ers, in this case) losing the game:

“We were nervous and worried and scared, at least us Ravens’ fans. We were talking in the studio about, just karma … karma, after one of the 49ers players made a disparaging remark and we all started rooting for the Ravens, and I think everyone knows what I am talking about. Karma is a … you know what,” according to CNN’s Don Lemon, who previously equated Mitt Romney’s support of traditional marriage to George Wallace’s “segregation forever” speech.

To put it much simpler, politically correct "gods" are genuine; traditional ones are for "doofuses."

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