February 06, 2013

GOP vs. Tea Party II

There is always talk about one party or the other splitting. Each time it looks pretty serious. The Republicans crushing defeat last election has created a bifurcated GOP. The GOP Establishment as they are called is seen as elitist and out of touch and driven mainly, if not exclusively by self interest. I confess this is a view I share. I am not a Republican. I left them long ago when they decided to be the Party of the Preachers (c.f. Goldwater's Admonishon)

The Right Scoop has a (very) long audio clip of Mark Levin in full rant mode about Karl Rove:

Mark Levin exposes Karl Rove, Steven J. Law and why they are bad for GOP

Listen to the whole thing but it can be boiled down to this:

1. Rove has a poor track record in getting GOP candidates elected.
2. The candidates he favors are often not conservative
3. They are invariably of the GOP Establishment
4. Rove did nothing to curb Bush's Big Government programs
5. Rove is interested in being a power broker and little else.

Ben Shaprio argues pointedly that Rove is no friend nor fan of the Tea Party

Indeed other voices are saying that Karl Rove is no conservative

Me? I've been saying as much since the prescription drug plan was born. I am of two minds on this. I'm not sure I can see the GOP splitting (which means they probably will). Rather, I see this as a big opportunity for the Libertarian Party if they ever got their act together. Not to worry though, they won't.

I think there will be some back and forth but the soul of the party is what's at stake here. The Democrats went through this after Bush was re-elected and the radical wing of the party won. They were more devoted and were able to organize their online effort to put the DLC out of business and purge the Blue Dogs from their ranks. Perhaps the GOP is going through the same thing? Who wins the GOP? The Social Cons? The Tea Party? If the GOP does split into a Conservative party and Tea Party (using whatever names they use) it will put both of them in the minority for the forseeable future. I don't know how this is going to go but I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.

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