February 06, 2013

Sadly hilarious

On the heels of this "Imagine if this was George W. Bush" post comes this knee-slapper:

Here’s what [MSNBC's Touré] said about drone strikes back on December 20th, 2012, seven weeks ago:

Touré insisted that torture, and drone warfare, are not making America safer. Nor, he said, do those tactics provide defense officials with actionable intelligence. “It wrecks the soul of America,” Touré said.

Drone strikes aren’t making us safer. They wreck the soul of America.

Now that we’ve learned that the Obama administration is calling the killing of American citizens without due process “legal, ethical, and wise,” Toure has changed his tune.

TOURE NEBLETT: We’re at war with al Qaeda right now, and if you join al Qaeda, you lose the right to be an American. You lose the right to due process. You declare yourself an enemy of this nation, and you are committing treason. And I don’t see why we should expand American rights to people who want to kill Americans, who are working to kill Americans, who are committing treason. This is not criticizing the United States. This is going to war against the United States.

That is what you call “hackery.”

And, as RB at The Right Sphere notes, "I really like the part where Toure talks about expanding American rights to people who want to kill Americans. Because that’s what HE and his ilk wanted to do with the people we captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan and elsewhere."

When George W. Bush was president, I might add.

We might also note the insanely ridiculous hypocrisy of another bunch of moonbats on this matter, too. Merely check out idiot "El Somnambulo's" gravatar. Yep, still has it; if he changed it to Boss Obama, he'd not only be dubbed a racist, he'd be booted off that blog, without a doubt.

RELATED: Imagine the [mostly faux] outrage of the LGOMB if George Bush had ordered the drone strike which killed this 16 year-old American citizen. But since a Nobel "Peace" Prize winner has done it, it's all good! So, let's just keep talking about gun control, paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and green energy, all the while the economy continues to tank, and Obama makes George W. Bush look like Dennis Kucinich in comparison.

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That's what is so infuriating about all this. When 'W' was in control there were stupid college protests, Code Pink rallies, etc. Now we have a guy who has "Terror Tuesday" meetings with baseball card kill lists (or was that "disposition matrix"?) ... and they've twisted themselves into intellectual knots to defend Barry O.

It's sick. Personally, I don't care if someone drops a bomb on Adam Gadhan's head. But a.) Bush was VERY clear about how our enemy was (Obama prefers 'man made disasters'), and b.) I wasn't marching down the streets of LA with a pair of bongos calling Bush a war criminal like the Toure wannabes only a few years ago ...

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