February 05, 2013

Just Call 911

Miami-Dade Police Officers Caught on Camera Allegedly Ignoring Emergency Calls

Since they have them on video, I'm not sure how this falls under the category of "allegedly". I know it's a legal hedge but give me a break. This is about as concrete proof as you get. The fact that they were fired should tell you something.

Bookmark this page and show it to the next idiot who tells you to "just call 911" when you have a problem like an unconscious 5-month-old or a burglar breaking into your house.

Posted by Duffy at February 5, 2013 03:16 PM | TrackBack

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Well said, Duffy. That's an argument I've been making a lot lately, because so many people I know seem to think that 911 is infallible and always gets there on time.

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