February 04, 2013

Just don't repeat what they say ...

... or they may block you.

That is, comics creators and their "progressive" views. Avi Green has been busy keeping tabs on a few of them of late, most notably Dan "Violent Media Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Gun Violence" Slott, who currently writes Spider-Man. While making some sense in one tweet where he says "We need new gun control laws. That DOESN'T mean taking away anyone's guns. It means sensible restrictions, background checks, & enforcement," he follows up by denying any connection between the violence prevalent today in mass media, and violence in real life:

Movies/video games AREN'T the problem. Our gun culture is the problem. Other countries have the SAME movies/games & DON'T have this problem.

There's a difference between FANTASY and REALITY. Gunplay in movies, TV, books, comics, and video games is NOT the problem. REAL guns are.

I don't play FPS games. But I don't care if someone plays 'em EVERY waking hour of their life. It's not REAL. Video game bullets don't kill.

I love how Slott rants about "gun culture," but somehow violence in video games and in his own medium aren't part of it. He also claims that focusing on mental illness is a "scapegoat" in the whole gun debate. Riiiiight. But perhaps dopiest of all, he states that politicians who get backed by the NRA should be required to attend the funerals of anyone killed in a shooting. That's right, a perfectly legitimate and legal organization which exists to protect the very second amendment added to our Constitution (not third, fourth or fifth), should be held responsible for those who misuse what that amendment protects.

At least creator Jimmy Palmiotti is honest about it all: He comes right out and says that there should be "small steps" toward stricter gun control laws, and that the Constitution should be "re-written" (amended). Though I vehemently disagree with the views of someone like Palmiotti, I greatly respect that he doesn't bullsh** us and is forthright about his opinion.

Hopefully, unlike Slott and Kurt Busiek who block those on Twitter who disagree with them, guys like Palmiotti will be willing to stand up to some [fan] push-back if they insist on being outspoken on matters political.

UPDATE 2/10/13: Slott apparently is more like Palmiotti. After I queried the Superior Spider-Man writer on Twitter about creators being outspoken in their views, he replied:

I have my personal views AND free speech. Speaking out about an issue (like gun control and the need to ban assault rifles) is my right. More than that, it's something I feel I NEED to do.

If I sat silently back and said nothing-- for fear of "losing readers"-- that would be selling myself out. I need to be able to sleep at night-- or I'm not going to much use to anyone as a writer, employee, friend, person, whatever. I need to be true to myself and my values.

I understand how, on a business level, it's not a smart practice. But there are some things that are more important to me than comic sales and how much I, personally, succeed on a financial level.

Who can really argue with that? You gotta respect the guy for taking that stand. If he goes overboard on social media and/or in the pages of the Wall Crawler and pisses people off, at least he'll blame no one but himself (we hope). It still doesn't explain why he Twitter-blocked Doug Ernst, but it appears Mr. Slott is one of the few left-leaners who understands that free speech does not mean one is free from consequences for that speech.

RELATED: I wonder when some of these big brain creators will break out their politically correct shells and mention a huge factor in crime and [gun] violence:

Still, I suspect you will find a much stronger causal link in the high correlation of gun violence to the prevalence of welfare and other antipoverty programs. Where government programs have eliminated the need for a father in the household, and virtually all children are born to poor, deeply uneducated unwed mothers, the breakdown of the family has had intractably catastrophic consequences. Thousands of neighborhoods and indeed whole cities have been trapped in a tight, vicious spiral of abysmal educational attainment and terrifying crime rates.

Focusing our national discussion of gun violence on assault weapons is not just childish but shameful virtually none of the gun violence in America comes out of the barrel of an assault weapon. Meanwhile, virtually all of the 100 gun murders per day that nobody talks about (or, apparently, cares about) occur among the urban poor, where antipoverty programs continue to offer a horrifying exposition of the law of unintended consequences, in what has become practically a massive descent into barbarism.

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Usually when you bring up media violence, they always dismiss it by saying it's "just a story" or "it's fictional," just like what Slott did there.

Posted by: Carl at February 4, 2013 06:28 PM

Boom. Your last link is right on the money. I've said for quite some time that we don't have a "gun culture" ... we have a "having kids out-of-wedlock" culture.

Public policy by master minds in Washington decimated the family unit in inner cities, and the erosion has spilled over into all races and social classes.

I would bet big money that if you went through the prison system and surveyed the inmates, you'd find that most of them did not have a father around growing up.

It's much easier to ban scary-looking guns than to confront hard truths about just how badly our own policies have warped the human spirit.

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at February 10, 2013 09:05 PM

So video games like Kindergarten Killers are A-Ok? I can't stand the lack of common sense on this issue.

We don't have a gun culture, we have a violent culture and until people wake up to what is causing it, it won't get better.

Posted by: Sara Noble at February 16, 2013 05:11 PM

Yes, the Constitution was made to be amended and I wish that everyone who has an issue with it would spend their time and energy working on amendments. The odds of getting a super majority on any issue in our divided culture is slim but at least their efforts might keep them out of causing other mischief.

Posted by: Freddie Sykes at February 17, 2013 11:57 AM

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