January 31, 2013

Worst Comicbook Animated Series of All-Time

Newsarama's at it again with the Top Ten lists, this time a Worst Comic Book Animated Series of All Time. I haven't seen all on their list, but enough of them to know they're pretty much right on the money. Here's the highlights:

#10 and #2: Fred and Barney Meet the Thing. So bad that Newsarama lists it twice. Some brainchild thought it would be cool to make Ben Grimm (the Thing) a teenager, and have him hang out with the stars of The Flintstones. Seriously. Oh, and "Benjy" Grimm (that's what he was called) changed into the rocky orange monster ... via a ring. And saying "Thing Ring do your thing!" For real.

#9: The Marvel Superheroes. Gotta give a little break here since these came out in the mid-60s. Then again, animation of that era wasn't this lame. Basically, these 'toons were still pictures taken directly from the comics and given occasional animation -- usually just a moving mouth, sort of Clutch Cargo style. My fave Iron Man was among these offerings, and its theme song was immortalized in the 2008 film several times -- like when Stark was playing craps in Vegas (the band in the background), and Rhodey's cell phone ringtone.

#8: Black Panther. This 'toon only saw the light of day in Australia(!), mainly because the animation ain't much better than #8's above! And it was made in 2009! Originally slated for BET (Black Entertainment Television), the John Romita Jr.-drawn show definitely had an anti-Western (and even anti-white) tone.

#6: Avengers: United They Stand. As the Newsarama entry says, where's the Big Three -- Cap, Iron Man and Thor? It's also bad enough that Hawkeye's outfit looks like that from the dreadful "The Crossing," but instead of turning diamond hard, the Vision turns into something like ... a stone statue??

#1: The Fantastic Four. This is the 1978 version which did not include the Human Torch. Really. Because of some copyright hassle, the Torch was replaced by HERBIE the robot in what made for a dreadful half hour of Marvel's First Family.

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For a while, there was actually an urban legend as to why the Human Torch was not included in the Fantastic Four cartoon: supposedly studio executives were afraid kids would set themselves on fire and try to be the Torch. The real reason was that there was a solo Human Torch movie being developed at the time and his rights were tied up. It never materialized.

Posted by: Carl at January 31, 2013 05:54 PM

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