January 25, 2013

Maybe he thought "Jenjis" Khan was in Libya

Ilya Somin explains why richer-than-Mitt Romney John Kerry failed miserably to distinguish between the legality of Richard Nixon's bombing of Cambodia, and Boss Obama's bombing of Libya:

Kerry’s efforts to distinguish the two cases are far from successful. He claims that the Libya intervention was legal because of the need for swift, decisive action. But of course Nixon could and did make the same argument. Paul correctly points out that the Constitution gives the power to declare war exclusively to Congress and does not create any exceptions for cases where presidents believe that they need to act quickly. Moreover, as Allahpundit points out, the president actually had plenty of time to seek and gain congressional approval before he started the bombing, as he spent weeks mobilizing support from the United Nations, our European allies, and others.

Read the whole thing. Oh, and in case you're scratching your head about the title, lest ye forget.

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