January 24, 2013

Should the "Rooney Rule" be expanded?

"Yes," says Mike Florio:

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Really? Do people really think that professional sports franchises don't want the very best coaches and general managers available? They want the best players, after all.

And seriously, the Rooney Rule -- which requires NFL teams to interview minority candidates for coaching positions -- is cosmetically applied anyway. Teams in search of coaches usually have a good idea of who they want in advance based on current availability, and to comply with the RR they'll merely grant a "courtesy" interview to a minority interviewee. An expansion of the RR would result in ... what -- more mere "courtesy" interviews?

The only way people like Florio will get what they want is if a mandatory quota -- NFL affirmative action, if you will -- is implemented. And that would go over even worse than this silly Rooney Rule.

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I always thought the Rooney Rule was ridiculous myself. I mean, you should hire someone you feel is worthy for the job, not because of their skin color.

Posted by: Carl at January 25, 2013 02:13 PM

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