January 11, 2013

"Progressives" and their enemies

While perusing the First Street Journal blog the other day, I came across a [typically inane] comment from our old friend Perry. Regarding gun control, he writes, "To me, the NRA is a murder weapons murdering group." OK, just you understand this, Perry outright states that a completely legal organization that supports one of our fundamental Constitutional rights is culpable for murder. Check.

Now, let's go back to just a sample of the Colossus archives and check out what Perry said about real "murdering group[s]":

May of 2007:

We can see his thesis playing out in the daily news, that Israel (and the US) continue to starve the Palestinians by withholding from them payment of taxes collected in their behalf, preventing travel about in their own territory, expanding settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, and capturing duly elected Hamas leaders, not to mention the bombings of civilian property as retaliation against mortar fire.

I have great sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, very little for the Israelis, except for great sympathy for them and their ancestors who suffered due to the Holocaust.

(And there's a lot more to read in the above link, too.)

Then there's from June, 2007:

I point out to you again, Hube, that Hamas, call them what you will, were the democratically elected government of Palestine.

You tell me: Why did not Israel, the US and the EU honor this decision of the Palestinian people? They had no right not to!

Oh I know, Hamas are terrorists. As if some Israelis are not.

You can see a heck of a lot more along these lines in the archives of the now-defunct Common Sense Political Thought, too. The point being, of course, the near-purposeful myopia of way too many on the Left to utterly demonize their own countrymen because of a mere political difference ... yet they'll embrace those who should be utterly abhorrent to them based on their [supposed, stated] core values.

Certainly, Perry is ultimately a nobody, so let's take a gander at some bigger players: Glenn Beck's The Blaze had approached Current TV when the latter was looking to sell -- and was told the following: "... the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view. But who is aligned with that point of view? Aljazeera! Yep, the network whose staffers chanted "down with fascist America" while on the air, among other things.

Again, to Al Gore, Aljazeera is more "suitable" to him than Glenn Beck. And this doesn't even address Gore's outrageous hypocrisy regarding fossil fuels and the climate, and the rich paying their "fair share."

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People who support Hamas terrorists like Perry does really disgust me. I knew so many anti-Semites in high school and (briefly) in college it wasn't even funny. They even thought Jews were responsible for 9-11, for cripe's sake.

And when I heard about Gore said to Beck about the network, I shook my head. So Al Jazeera, a network that is known for its rabid anti-American bias, is "more suitable" for their views than The Blaze is. Gore is a hypocrite.

Posted by: Carl at January 11, 2013 05:39 PM

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