December 26, 2012

More media hypocrisy on guns

It's sadly hilarious when limousine "progressives" like NBC's David Gregory lecture guns rights advocates about the need for control -- when he possesses an illegal gun part and sends his kids to an elite school that has no less than eleven security guards on campus. But perhaps even more laughable is the "progressive" comicbook creative community that comes down on 2nd Amendment advocates.

Just check out the tweets by such creators captured by Avi Green over at Four Color Media Monitor. The most hilarious has gotta be Gail Simone's -- she writes "What post? The gun thing? I loathe the NRA, they are horrible."

Isn't that so hypocritically sweet? Indeed -- these pinheads' entire profession relies on violence ... violence that they have upped to the Nth degree over the last decade or so. And ironically, as Avi notes, the NRA supported Marvel heroes back in 1989 when a plot thread dealt with heroes having to register with the government. More recently in the company's "Civil War" storyline, which side had the sympathy of the creators? It was the anti-registration side. The current crop of low-thinking "creators" apparently forgot the 1989 thread, "Civil War," and certainly classic utopian-visions like Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme mini-series from 1985. In that, Earth-S's super-team takes over the globe, and among other things, confiscates all privately owned firearms. Former team member Nighthawk, who quit the team because of its new dictatorial edict, assembles a new crew of "rebel" heroes dubbed the "Redeemers." 'Hawk and the Redeemers eventually take on the Squadron to eliminate their forced dictatorship and restore full civil rights.

As Avi so pointedly remarks, if these idiot creators believe private citizens should not be permitted to own a gun, then why would they write/draw stories that are sympathetic to superheroes being allowed to keep their weapons/powers without, at the very least, some sort of government regulation:

... surely by that logic even the Green Lantern power ring his creation of Kyle Rayner wore should be regulated, and Sara Pezzini shouldn't be allowed to use the Witchblade. Even Spider-Man's web-shooters should be restricted, Wolverine shouldn't have his adamantium claws, Superman shouldn't be permitted his own powers, Hawkeye shouldn't use archery, Batman shouldn't be allowed to carry Batarangs and Daredevil shouldn't be allowed to use his billy clubs.

"Progressive" creators, like these and in Hollywood, will spout off about their First Amendment rights if someone tries to restrict what they do (like quell the violence in their books, TV shows and movies). But they're the first to forget there's the amendment directly after the one they invoke. They demand "more responsibility" from groups like the NRA (and parents, and society in general) all the while poo-pooing the need to it themselves. (First Amendment again, y'know.)

Just yet another reason modern comics and creators suck.

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I saw that post light night... the hypocrisy espoused by idiots like Gail Simone and Dan "Set the Record Straight" Slott is mind-boggling, to say the very least.

I'm glad I stopped reading modern comics,to be sure!

Posted by: Carl at December 26, 2012 04:46 PM

Oops. Last night, not light night. LOL.

Posted by: Carl at December 26, 2012 04:50 PM

My favorite is my own gun control advocate Senator Chuck Schumer who hunts and target practices with rifles and assault weapons. He applied for the Peconic Gun Club but was turned down because he's a hypocrite.

Posted by: Sara Noble at January 3, 2013 10:55 PM