December 10, 2012

Grim Notes

As the natural inverse to "Grace notes" over at American Digest, I present, Grim Notes. Items which concern me as I try to muster some holiday cheer:

If you want to see our future when hospitals are run by the state: My husband died like a battery hen in hospital. This is an account of the husband of a Member of Parliment who's husband languished for hours before dying under the "care" (and I use the word advisedly) of the state. Disinterest and callousness are the norm. No one is ever fired and nothing changes. This is going to be a treat.

Up next a company that owns the newspaper that backed the president that created this punative tax policy is now doing everything it can to avoid that policy. Got it.

Soaking the rich will never work. Britain tried it and had a multibillion pound shortfall. California is looking at a billion dollar shortfall from the same policies. These policies are not negotiable, they are inherent to the Democrat party beliefs now. It is not about raising revenue or in any way about anything other than taking from people they think didn't deserve it.

Green energy is dead. Here are a host of nifty charts and graphs to show you why. Add to that this one which shows that the entire industry is collapsing and simply doesn't scale. Renewables are a great pipe dream. Unless or until there is some massive breakthrough in the technology (or our understanding of the laws of physics) it's only going to be a marginal provider.

Note well that nuclear is at the bottom of the cost charts for energy production. That the green industry isn't screaming for nuclear (and most probably Thorium reactors) tells me they're more interested in constraining human activity than anything else.

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