December 06, 2012

News Journal letter writer notices paper's silly PC double standard

Bill Thurnau of Elkton, MD rightly mocks the Wilmington News Journal's race emphasis -- but the emphasis only manifests itself for the "right" reasons:

The new Delaware State Police superintendent, Maj. Nate McQueen, is obviously an admirable man, judging by the article, saying he is a veteran state trooper, and U.S. Marine. I applaud his achievements and sincerely hope he continues his service in his new appointment. I am sad, that The News Journal had to point he is a black man.

The unfortunate thing for everyone, is when reading the crime report, race and color are rarely in the description of the perpetrator. It would help the reader if they knew, was it a white, black, Hispanic, or Asian?

Correction, Bill: The paper never prints the race of crime suspects. And long-time readers will be familiar with the reason why. 'Ya gotta like this utter nonsense:

Our policy is not about being politically correct, it's about being accurate. Race is such an unreliable descriptor. What race is Halle Berry or Tiger Woods or Jennifer Lopez? They are extreme examples, but project them onto everyday people and you see the problem.

Or what real information is conveyed in a description that says: She is a 5-foot-6-inch white woman with brown hair? How many women fit that description? Who is that of use to? By the way, that description is of me -- and I haven't committed any crimes.

It is truly amazing how these PC dopes think. Didn't they ask themselves "Or what real information is conveyed in only noting the height of the suspect and what they were wearing"? Because that's about all you read in WNJ crime reports these days. Saying "it's not about being politically correct" is laughable in the extreme. It's precisely what it's about. Including the race of a crime suspect gives the public a lot more info than just an approximate height and weight, and especially what they were wearing. Or has the WNJ forgotten that people, y'know, actually change their clothes?

And if "race is such an unreliable descriptor," then why is it worthy of mention in the report about Mr. McQueen, hmm?

Simply put, the News Journal places political correctness over the public's safety. Period.

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When we last tried to set up a neighborhood watch in my development, a Newcastle County cop trained us in being a good witness. The first thing you are supposed to note about an individual are the things they can't easily change like height, weight, build, race, tattoos, piercings, etc. Second thing is anything unusual that might set that person out from the general population. The example that was used is a black woman with blue eyes.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at December 6, 2012 10:11 PM

The Star Tribune is the exact same way. They rarely if ever provide a description of the suspect's race. I've sent them a few letters in the past calling them out on that.. never got published, though.

Posted by: Carl at December 7, 2012 03:44 PM