November 20, 2012

Keep perspective

From Gallup by way of Kaus:

62% say stopping illegal immigration is “extremely/very important.” That handily beats “taking major steps to address global warming” as well as “[increasing] taxes on those with household incomes above $250,000.” … Providing a “path to citizenship for illegal immigrants” got only 37%.

Remember that the economy weighs more heavily on Latino voters' minds than immigration. It is silly (and insulting) to think that all Latinos favor illegal immigration and/or amnesty and/or instant citizenship for immigrants.

And this sort of nonsense is the stuff by which the GOP can make a strong case. We continually hear from "progressives" about "fairness;" however, it always seems to work one way with them. How is it "fair" that illegal immigrants get in-state tuition, yet citizens and legal immigrants -- who may happen to live out of state -- have to pay much more? Or, how is it that Arizona (to name one) gets hassled beyond belief by the feds for attempting to tighten immigration enforcement, yet so-called "sanctuary cities" which thumb their noses at federal law get away without even a slap on the wrist??

It makes total sense to support a common sense comprehensive immigration policy, and also support common sense laws. Or, to put it another way, what part of "illegal" don't "progressives" understand? Ah, but it seems their solution (like so many other non-solution solutions) is to just drop the term "illegal"!!

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They love to punish those who work hard, stayed out of trouble and get decent grades (legal immigrants and citizens) by making them pay more, but reward people who are here illegally or people who constantly got into trouble by giving them free tuition and all the assistance they want so they can be successful.

Posted by: Carl at November 20, 2012 04:20 PM