November 08, 2012

Michael Walsh sounds like me (or vice versa)

From his column today at The Corner, Nice Guys Finish Second:

First, the Republicans should never again agree to any debate moderated by any member of the MSM, most especially including former Democratic apparatchiks like Stephanopoulos. What used to be the American journalistic establishment — and I spent 25 years in it — is now out and proud and fully committed to the Obama Way. For them, this was the moment they’d been waiting for since the 1960s, their chance to (as they see it) change the course of American history, to be participants instead of just observers and stenographers, and if they had to first compromise, and then abandon, their stated principles of objectivity and neutrality, so what? The game was worth the candle. They will go to their graves feeling good about themselves.

I've said this all along. Do you honestly think Democrat/liberal candidates would agree to a debate moderated by FNC's Brett Baier or Carl Cameron? Or if they did that they wouldn't complain about it all the way? Nothing good ever comes out of this for Republicans; just witness Candy Crowley giving Boss Obama the assist when Romney cornered the president on the Benghazi-terrorism question. As we now know, CBS News actively withheld video of Obama refusing to call the Benghazi attacks "terrorism" right on "60 Minutes."

Second, lay off the social issues. Let me be blunt: Conservatives have lost that war, and last night’s defeats are just the beginning. As with Griswold and Roe, the times they are a’changing when it comes to sex. Furthermore: It doesn’t matter. True, the eternal verities remain, well, eternal verities, but quoting random passages from the Old Testament to justify contemporary American mores is just nuts; better for the dwindling Christian majority to embrace the message of the New Testament and let God’s love wash over all His children. Salvation is neither a board game nor a checklist. So do what the Democrats do: accept changing circumstances and then co-opt them.

As I wrote yesterday, the GOP adopting this libertarian attitude will only serve to benefit them in the long run. And you don't have to make it a "moral" issue at all -- merely state that you believe abortion, gay "marriage," etc. are none of the federal government's business. IOW, you don't care about them. They're individual matters left to, well, individuals, localities and the individual states. As your own person, there's little harm in saying you personally are against abortion, but that Roe is the law of the land, it's settled, and it's really none of the federal government's business anyway.

Walsh also says, "Far too many Americans today don’t want a job, they want — again, to use Obama’s term — revenge." To which I repeat what I've heard here and there since the election results: You can't compete with Santa Claus. It's hard to argue for small government and self reliance when the other party likes to give people things in return for [political] loyalty. That is, until the real bill comes due. And it will. Sooner than we all think, I fear.

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Or they should require any MSM debate to be balanced by one moderated by someone from Fox. Turnabout is fair play.

I think laying off the social issues is good. I also think libertarians are kidding themselves if they think smaller government and their brand of near libertinism actually go together.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at November 8, 2012 05:29 PM

Hey Hube- hope you are well!

1- the young have been brainwashed by schools/ TV etc for 10-20 years. They are programmed to be liberal even when it is against their best interest. For instance, I have six nieces and nephews. Two are very librul and not real ambitious - they are big time Dem voters. Four are what I call "strivers" - each has or will have a graduate degree and know it takes hard work to get ahead yet I bet at least two of them voted for the Dems who will give free shit to people who are not strivers and in fact may be lazy.
2- The Dems and the media have successfully demonized successful hard working people who have made a few bucks due to their hard work. Sure there are some egregious examples of Wal Street / corp greed but the average rich guy earned his wealth fairly. This class warfare is a disgrace when most long serving Congress critters are now in the 1%.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at November 9, 2012 09:22 AM